For over thirty years, David R. Andalcio’s name has been synonymous with innovation in small business, commitment to community, and entrepreneurial leadership. Mr. Andalcio’s career spans from his earliest ventures with electronics, distribution, manufacturing, and Information Technology companies, and later as a Board Director of the Illinois State Toll Highway and Chairman of the Engineering Committee, to his current role as CEO of Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC. Commended for his exceptional foresight, Mr. Andalcio’s companies have been listed numerous times as Top 100 firms by Hispanic Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. Mr. Andalcio has also been personally named on Sterling’s Who’s Who for excellence and leadership, and International’s Who’s Who for professional, academic and civic achievements.




Driving sustainable and successful startups.

Early to embrace the emerging computer and systems market, Mr. Andalcio quickly distinguished himself as a leader in the industry, providing services to major corporations, as well as city and state governments. His leadership of a cellular communications company catalyzed the growth of the company to 14 franchise locations in under-served Hispanic markets, performing as the principal resellers of Ameritech products and services. Under his management of a precision manufacturing firm, the company was successful in receiving ISO9002 and QS9000 metal stamping accreditation. As CEO/President of Interface Computer Communications (ICC), Mr. Andalcio guided major IT deployments within Chicago Public Schools and helped to establish the company’s relationships with technology leaders, including Apple, Compaq, Dell, Acer, HP, and Lexmark. Under his guidance, ICC developed into a one-stop shop for the purchase of equipment, installation, and integration services, as well as warehousing, logistical services, and custom configurations. Mr. Andalcio pioneered the design and development of the custom infrastructure management tool, TIMS (Technology Infrastructure Management Software).

Appointed Director of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority.

Due in part to his formidable experience in the business sector, commitment to technological innovation, engineering skills, fiscal responsibility, demonstrated ability to form partnerships, and his civic mindedness. Under his stewardship, the Illinois Tollway reformed its project delivery system through the development and implementation of a $6.3 billion capital improvement program, “Open Roads for a Faster Future”. Major accomplishments of this effort were rebuilding and widening significant portions of the Tollway, including the conversion of twenty barrier toll plazas to open road tolling in less than two years, and completion of the 12-mile extension of I-355 South into Will County. During his tenure on the Board, Mr. Andalcio championed initiatives to ensure the quality and timeliness of engineering activities, as well as public involvement in the Tollway Expansion Project. Mr. Andalcio’s tireless advocacy for minority participation in the Tollway program resulted in an increase of DBE participation in professional services from approximately 10% to 30% and construction services from approximately 2% to 21%. He later served as Chairman of the Engineering Committee and as a Member of the Audit Committee.

The founding of Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC.

Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC, a rapidly expanding MBE/DBE company with over 50 employees in Illinois, Texas, New York, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Port of Spain, Trinidad. Wynndalco is a culmination of Mr. Andalcio’s decades of business expertise and personal drive to raise the bar of industry best practices and corporate social responsibility. Mr. Andalcio leads with a results-oriented approach and a sense of enduring optimism. Wynndalco is a principal provider of systems integration services to Chicago Public Schools and the Dallas Independent School District, responsible for receiving, asset tagging, imaging, etching and distributing all of the districts’ computer purchases. Likewise, Wynndalco provides exceptional managed warehousing, scheduling, configuration, and deployment services using customized software to Chicago Public Schools and the suburban public busing system (PACE). Mr. Andalcio’s commitment to ensuring quality educational opportunities for students extends beyond providing innovative technology solutions for the classroom and into securing critical technology funds. As E-Rate consultants for the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDOE), Wynndalco has assisted in the application for and recovery of millions of dollars for essential technology funds.

While his development of business strategies, global insight, and understanding of foundational market principles are unequaled, Mr. Andalcio’s business prowess is rivaled only by his outspoken advocacy for minority, disadvantaged, and women-owned business enterprises. Armed with an indefatigable sense of social responsibility, Mr. Andalcio is a model of community leadership and best practices. As a native of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Andalcio’s roots are firmly planted in the Hispanic community. In both his professional and personal endeavors, Mr. Andalcio is continually guided by the belief that, “In spite of gender, ability, ethnicity, or circumstance, all individuals should be equipped with the resources for equal opportunity.” For decades, he has been recognized by numerous publications and organizations, including the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Ernst and Young, Hispanic Business, Minority Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine, for the indelible mark he has left on the ideal of successful minority business participation and his civic dedication to seeing the success of others in the community.


Expanding to provide professional Engineering Services.

Wynndalco expanded to provide Structural & Civil Engineering and Construction Management services to clients in both public and private sectors. Our multi-disciplinary design engineering department is recognized for solving some of the most significant infrastructure challenges of our age. Our versatility allows us to provide our clients with a well-rounded field of expertise. Established in 2014, this division and has since grown to provide trusted leadership to educational institutions, state and local governments and private clients. Our staff is licensed in several states allowing us to complete all types of projects as we continue to grow.

Wynndalco Enterprises is a certified MBE/DBE Firm headquartered in Mokena, IL.


Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC is an IT Managed Services Firm dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions and unprecedented experiences to our customers. Headquartered in Mokena, IL. and founded in 2009, we have been serving state and local governments, educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies nationwide for nearly a decade. We offer only best practice services as experts in the Information Technology industry; business intelligence solutions, end user device management, are just some of our strengths. Maintaining integrity, accountability and distinction in all that we do, Wynndalco revolutionizes the IT industry!

MBE Certified: IL, NY, FL, TX, VA
DBE Certified: IA, MA, TX, IN


For over thirty years, David R. Andalcio’s name has been synonymous with innovation in small business, commitment to community and entrepreneurial leadership.

Driven by sustainability and attention to detail, Mr. Flores spearheads training and management of personnel on most projects.