Lake Cook Road Reconstruction (Pfingsten Road to Waukegan Road)

Phase I and II services for the reconstruction/widening of Lake Cook Road from four lanes to six between Pfingsten and Waukegan Roads which also included new retaining walls and box culverts, landscaping and sidewalk work. the project also added two new left-turn lanes from Waukegan Road onto Lake Cook Road. This stretch of Lake-Cook Road primarily consists of commercial, office, and retail sites with one section of single-family residences.

Phase I included the preparation of an engineering report, pavement design, alignment studies, drainage analysis, structural analysis and design, environmental studies, right-of-way determination, traffic analysis, intersection design studies (7), field surveys, subsurface investigation and preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates.

Phase II engineering services consist of preparation of plans, specifications and estimates.

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Client: Cook County Highway Department
Services Provided: Phase I & Phase II Design
Location: Northbrook, Illinois USA