Longmeadow Parkway over the Fox River

Performed a Pre-Phase I Feasibility Study, Phase I Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Phase I Geometric Location/Design Report for a future roadway crossing the Fox River. The project begins at Huntley Road on the west and proceeds 5.4 miles to IL62 on the east. The total project length, including crossroads and side streets, is 9.6 miles. The corridor goes through the communities of Algonquin, Carpentersville and Barrington Hills.

A detailed EIS was prepared that included environmental analysis and cost estimates for each alternative. Unacceptable and unavoidable impacts were studied. Flaws in certain alignments, due to environmental or regulatory permitting issues were defined and compared in a matrix versus costs. A series of public hearings were held to discuss the findings. Due to “Fatal Flaws” contained within other alignments, the EIS process recommended only the Longmeadow Parkway/Bolz Road corridor be advanced further. The Federal Highway Administration concurred and co-signed the document with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The final step of the Phase I document included conceptual design of the bridge over the Fox River, horizontal and vertical geometrics, intersections, walls, and drainage systems. The proposed right-of-way was determined and the Kane County Division of Transportation began the process of purchasing property for this regionally important transportation project.


Design services performed by current staff while employed with another consultant.

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Client: Kane County Division of Transportation
Services Provided: Pre-Phase I Design
Location: Kane County, Illinois USA