Orland Park Pedestrian Bridge

Provided engineering design services for a pedestrian bridge over LaGrange Road (US 45). Services also provided connections to the east and west to provide connections from the bridge abutments to the existing path on the east side of LaGrange Road, and a path connection from the west to the Metra commuter station. The west connection is an elevated structure approximately 300 feet in length.

The pedestrian bridge is part of other improvements for LaGrange Road, the Village Metra Station, and the overall Triangle area. Since LaGrange Road was widened and the profile raised three feet, the railroad bridge needed to be raised and lengthened. There was extensive coordination with Metra and the Norfolk Southern. Studies resulted in a new bridge and track profile and the realignment of the track to provide new commuter parking. The pedestrian bridge was designed to be compatible with these other improvements.

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Client: Village of Orland Park
Location: Orland Park, Illinois USA
Services Provided: Design